We Fear Change

Changing how 10 people work is difficult, changing how 100 work is very difficult. And, barring Planck's principle, changing how 5,000 or more people work is, typically, impossible. When it comes to improving how large organizations build, release, and run software, scaling to thousands of people is the real challenge. If you're trying to move beyond your initial success at transforming how your organization builds and runs software, you've experienced this scaling challenge. Thankfully, most of the problems in this challenge are common challenges. Though you may feel cursed and alone, in our experience talking with hundreds of organizations, most of the problems are the same.

This talk will look at several of these common challenges and cover tactics to address them. Part of applying a tactic successfully is understanding why the challenge exists in the first place, which the talk starts with.

The talk will go over:

  1. Building confidence and trust in change by shifting how you build your developer-centric infrastructure from service delivery to product management.
  2. Platform advocacy and marketing. Do you have a t-shirt for your platform yet? If not, better get one!
  3. Engineering and managing the roll-out of changes to large organizations.

The goal is to give you practical, usable tactics and management tools that we’ve learned first-hand and from other large organizations.



Michael Cote


Michael Coté works at Pivotal in technical marketing. He’s been an industry analyst at 451 Research and RedMonk, worked in corporate strategy and M&A at Dell in software and cloud, and was a