How do you know if your DevEx efforts are working?

Investing in developer experience as part of your larger platform initiatives is a wise move. But how do you know if your investments are paying off? Traditional DevOps metrics are a good start, but they may not be enough to measure DevEx. To get a complete picture of DevEx, you need to look at it from different levels - team, area, and aggregate. In this talk, Michael Stahnke, co-author of the State of DevOps Report from 2018-2021, will share engineering metrics that truly work and help you determine whether your DevEx program is delivering a positive return on investment.

We’ll delve into metrics that work for individuals, teams, and departments. The insights shared in this talk are based on experience running sizable sections of engineering at Puppet, CircleCI, and Flox. The metrics and measurements discussed are designed to help any leader or champion of a DevEx program represent the outcomes effectively. While some of the metrics are easy to capture and measure, others require serious investment. Nonetheless, we’ll cover them all. If you’ve been relying on DORA metrics for a while, it’s high time you take the next step and explore what’s next for measuring engineering effectiveness.



Michael Stahnke

VP Engineering flox

Michael Stahnke is a seasoned engineering executive, having spent the last 15 years working in the development and operational tooling space where also did research and was an