Three Heuristics for Fostering High-Trust, Generative Culture

In his work on high-risk, highly complex fields, Dr. Ron Westrum noted that culture influences how information flows through an organization. In a high-trust, generative culture, information has three characteristics:

It provides answers to the questions that the receiver needs answered.

It is timely.

It is presented in such a way that the receiver can use it effectively.

The connections between Westrum’s generative culture and the development of DevOps capabilities have been well documented. What is less clear, however, is how to foster this type of culture.

This session presents three heuristics you can use to improve the flow of information in your interpersonal interactions. It explores means for gauging how the dialog is going so that you can make adjustments in the moment and how to reflect on these exchanges to make them better in the future. These tools are packaged in three simple acronyms to help you remember these techniques in the face of stress, anxiety, and surprises.



Paul Tevis

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Paul Tevis helps experts amplify their leadership and organizations scale theirs. He started his career as a software engineer and engineering manager before moving into coaching