Agile Vows: Sharing DevOps and Wedding Planning Principles

When my fiancé and I started planning our wedding for the summer of 2024, we were surprised by how challenging it was, despite what we’d seen in movies. Planning a wedding, or any big event, can be overwhelming—even for well-prepared people. That’s why many couples hire wedding planners! But as we made decisions about timing, budgeting, and other details, I realized that the way we were approaching our wedding planning was similar to how my work teams plan projects.

By using the same methods I use at work for planning our wedding, we’ve been able to manage everything smoothly. And I’ve also discovered lessons from wedding planning that I can apply to my job. In this talk, I’ll share how combining wedding planning and DevOps principles has helped us avoid stress and how these lessons can be useful for all sorts of projects, whether personal or professional.




Emma Sax

Emma is a DevOps and Cloud Operations Engineer at Dispatch, headquartered in Bloomington, MN. She spends her time managing Kubernetes clusters, writing CI/CD tools, and maintaining cloud ...