Kubernetes Security is Impossible, So You Should Give Up Now

The title of this talk was probably going to be, “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two,” but that’s probably a trademark or a service mark or something that lawyers understand better, so that’s actually not the title of the talk. But it’s definitely the vibe! After traveling the world, both virtually and literally, talking to organizations about operations and especially security, there are definitely that some trends that have emerged. One of them is something that occurs at a particular layer of the OSI model: layer 8. That’s right, before we get into any defense-in-depth using all of our favorite tooling, we might have to look at what’s going on with the human beings in the organization, this is going to be a therapy session, but you’ll have to wait and see who the patient is. (Maybe it’s your boss. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s your Kubernetes cluster.)




Jorn Knuttila

Jorn is a bearded, bumbling Nordic geek from the frozen tundra surrounding Minneapolis, MN (a suburb of Canada, doncha know!) playing Solution Engineer at NeuVector by SUSE. Understanding the business ...