Transforming Computer Science Education for the Future

What was your education in computer science like? Looking back, what was most important to you? What would you have changed?

In this talk, we will share how we, as CS educators, think about and adapt our curriculum and pedagogy to meet changing students and the changing tech world. We will share the principles that help us provide lasting value to our students. We will provide examples of pedagogy and curriculum in the context of classes that have changed most in response to changing needs. We will describe the effects these have had on students.

We will close by sharing - and hopefully hearing from you - big questions CS education faces related to changing needs, AI, educational equity, and more.



Shilad Sen

Shilad is a Professor of Computer Science at Macalester College and an AI Scientist at Indeed. In his industry life, Shilad is a human-centered algorithmic expert who develops AI systems that have ...susan-fox

Susan Fox

Susan is a DeWitt Wallace Professor of Computer Science, as well as chair of the Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science department at Macalester. Her research combines artificial intelligence, ...