Unit Testing Your Declarative IaC

Whether you’re hand-crafting artisanal Go templates in Helm or turning HCL into revenue for AWS via Terraform, you’ve undoubtedly spent hours over the course of your career waiting for resources to deploy in order to validate that your IaC changes worked as expected. Testing infrastructure is often not even attempted because it can be difficult and expensive to spin up real resources for validation. I’d like to share some lesser-used and newer tools that you can use to reduce cycle times and gain confidence in your changes. My hope is that you’ll leave inspired to invest in testing your IaC, whether you’re just getting started or you current test suite is too slow to run for every change. No migration out of a declarative language necessary.




Wyatt Walter

Wyatt Walter is a Staff Software Engineer working on infrastructure and reliability at Finite State. Before that, he helped bring VA.gov into the cloud and did the DevOps at SugarCRM.