Follow Those Packets!!! Dive Into Network Foundations For Everyone

Networks are the foundation of distributed apps, especially in cloud-native ecosystems. Awareness of how data moves between applications is critical for understanding their performance, security, and efficiency. But, this is because of….LINUX!

As many apps are built and deployed onto container systems (like Kubernetes), it’s important to understand the flow of traffic, how services instantiate communications, and how to decipher network protocols and transactions.

Cloud and cloud-native infrastructure networking tools offer many advantages but require a deep understanding of the Linux networking stack.

This workshop prepares attendees to navigate networks and develop expertise in networking protocols and technologies. By using the Linux operating system, this workshop helps you to answer the questions:

  • How do endpoints communicate over a network?
  • What does a packet look like?
  • Why do you need DNS?
  • How can we virtualize the network?
  • What are network namespaces?
  • How do you trace network & API communications?
  • How can eBPF optimize our network performance?
  • What else can we make eBPF do?



Marino Wijay


Principal Developer Advocate -

Marino Wijay is a Canadian, Traveller, International Speaker, Open Source Advocate for Service Mesh, Kubernetes, and Networking. He is an Ambassador @ Civo