DevOps in the Cloud: Case Studies of teams and their resilient architectures

Join Seth, an experienced Amazon technologist with over 12 years of experience working on the company’s highly scalable systems, as he takes you on a journey through the unique DevOps culture at the online retailer Discover the secrets behind the company’s successful customer experience, and learn how “two-pizza teams” foster accountability and ownership in the systems they create and run in the cloud. Seth has worked with multiple of these teams, helping them incorporate best practices for building resilient workloads, and will share their technology and processes for running services in the cloud with you. Dive into real-world examples of Amazon’s systems, such as how the search team uses chaos engineering to be ready for Prime Day, any day, and how transportation uses resilience best practices to keep the trucks rolling, Gain insights into the resilience strategies that Amazon employs, including chaos engineering, automated deployment, and multi-site architectures. Leave with practical, actionable techniques and approaches that you can apply to your own strategy for building resilient systems that can handle any challenge.



Seth Eliot


Principal Developer Advocate, AWS

As a Principal Developer Advocate with AWS, Seth helps builders to architect and implement resilient, scalable systems in the cloud. He draws on over 12 years of