Alexandre-Xavier Labonté-Lamoureux

AppSec/DevSecOps Consultant @ Arctiq

Alexandre-Xavier Labonté-Lamoureux is completing a Master’s degree in Software Engineering at École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) researching Internal Developer Platforms while working at Arctiq. He previously worked at Ubisoft where he was helping them build their cybersecurity foundations and reach a higher level of DevSecOps maturity.

He is an open-source software and DevOps advocate, and he had been volunteering in like-minded students scientific and technology clubs at his university for more than 6 years. He has also been involved in the cybersecurity community, notably as a challenge designer for UnitedCTF (a CTF to help teach students about cybersecurity), as a presenter at Montrehack and mentoring a Canadian team of students who participated to the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) and the International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC) in 2021 and 2022. He holds knowledge sharing and developer experience at heart.

Alexandre-Xavier Labonté-Lamoureux at Montréal 2024