Zero to Hero - NetDevOps!

Network operations are tedious than software operations. If something goes wrong with a network device it’s impact radius is wider. To maintain a compliant network infrastructure, engineers continuously update and upgrade configuration and software. With large environments and frequent production pushes the process of applying changes becomes critical. Problems like network outages, security breaches and performance are byproduct of unreliable and slow change management.

This session will introduce and perform network configuration and software upgrade use case through Jenkins pipeline. Below open source tools were used: Code management: Github, Scan: Sonarqube, Orchestrator: Ansible/AWX, Artifactory management: Nexus.

To achieve efficient and reliable network change process, engineers and architects are constantly looking to upgrade their change management process. Teams who manages large network infrastructures would like to automate common and regular network changes.

This technical session will demonstrate software and configuration compliance use cases through CI/CD pipelines on network devices. A fully functional Jenkins pipelines will be discussed including tools and concepts like code management, artifact management, orchestration, testing.

Based on the concepts and tools mentioned in this session, network engineers can quickly build their own pipelines and take advantage of well tested approach in their network operations. The session will be tool independent where a certain concept will be introduced along with potential tool.

This talk will be a power point presentation of common network compliance problems and how CI/CD can solve it. A demo of a fully functional network configuration such as BGP enablement and upgrade a network device will be given.


Akash Bhaskar

Akash has over a decade of experience including Site Reliability, DevOps, IT Operations, Middleware Administration, ITIL and Managed File Transfer. Currently Akash is applying SRE/DevOps principles to ...