DevOps: Beyond Tools, Did We Forget About Culture?


Recently I have noticed that at DevOps events, there has been a lot of talk about tools for all types of demands: monitoring, infrastructure construction, scalability, observability… but especially close to our special 15 years of DevOpsDays events that started in Ghent in 2009, we have been thinking about how perhaps we are too much “tool” oriented less talking the real DevOps culture and concepts like blameless, three ways, ICE and that tools without culture are just… tools. How about people?

What differentiates automation and process optimization in your infrastructure today and what makes this DevOps? Or are you just implementing hyped tools in your infrastructure? Let’s talk about this



Camilla Martins

Non-binary. Punk. Docker Captain. Google Developer Expert. I’m a Senior Site Reliability Engineer and currently work at Storyblok, with a postgraduate degree in Computational Forensics and a ...