The Future of DevOps is R&D and DevEx

Effective research techniques are an unspoken yet core skill of a DevOps practitioner. Our bosses, our peers, and even ourselves often oversimplify our work as “building cloud infrastructure,” “reducing technical debt,” or “improving developer culture,” which, after all these years, still do not accurately describe the total value that DevOps roles bring to companies. It’s been over a decade since The Phoenix Project (2013) was published, and in that time, there’s been exponential change in tech. This talk considers the future of DevOps as a practice by providing a post-Phoenix Project narrative and presents a case for the future of DevOps.



Jurnell Cockhren

Jurnell Cockhren is the President and founder of Civic Hacker LLC, a social enterprise that builds technology to support social causes and to develop the theory and practice of Public Interest