Lightning Talk: DevOps, 12-Factor, and Platform Engineering

In this 10-minute lightning talk, you’ll hear about the roots of DevOps in the Theory of Constraints, how 12-Factor principles can guide your microservice and cloud migration refactor efforts, and how an optimal strategy for the use of Internal Developer Portals within your organization can tie all of these concepts together. We’ll close by looking at the future of DevOps and how platform engineering is evolving to address the next set of bottlenecks, hiding within the developer experience.

A surfeit of software philosophies have hit the industry over the last decade, all claiming to reduce friction in digital transformation. But what does that mean, how does it impact your design philosophy, and why is platform engineering suddenly the new solution to it all?

Justin Reock, Head of DevRel for, will take you through a fast-paced tour of modern DevOps and how we came to it, so that you never again have to utter those fallacious and all-to-common words: “There are lots of definitions of DevOps.”


Justin Reock

Justin Reock is the Head of Developer Relations for, and is an outspoken speaker, writer, and software practice evangelist. He has over 20 years of experience working in various software ...