Elizabeth Stephens

Elizabeth is the CEO of DBS Cyber LLC, a company whose mission is to protect American families. She is a cybersecurity expert with a distinguished background leading intelligence teams in high-stakes environments. Formerly the Director of Data Center Cyber Risk Intelligence at Microsoft, Elizabeth’s work focused on the safety of critical digital infrastructure. Her experience includes evaluating cyber risks, providing actionable intelligence, and developing best practices to secure cloud operations.

A Nashville native and Memphis born retired United States Marine Corps veteran, Elizabeth completed three combat deployments to Iraq. Following her graduation from the United States Naval Academy, she earned an MS in Business Administration and Management from Boston University. She is also capstone pending in the Masters in Cybersecurity Program at California State University and has completed a MS in Public Leadership from USF.

Elizabeth’s career is marked by a trailblazing spirit. She holds the distinction of being the first black female graduate of the Naval Academy to become a selected Fleet Naval Aviator in the Marine Corps. Her other firsts include piloting the CH-46E, attaining tactical aircraft commander status, and becoming the first woman to fly the MV-22 Osprey. Elizabeth’s courage and leadership earned her an Individual Air Medal for her exceptional actions during a critical period in the first democratic elections in Iraq’s history.