DevOpsDays Nashville 2024

Current Speaker Topics

Here are our current topics for the event.

We are still working to finalize the schedule, but this is the current list of topics

This is subject to change as we finalize our program

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Session Title Speaker Duration
Conversations - A Crucial Element to Invigorate your DevOps Practice Victor Hernandez Standard
DevOps Reframed: Embracing the Path to Developer Productivity Engineering Baruch Sadogursky Standard
Digital Safeguards: Your Essential Blueprint for Navigating Cyber Threats Elizabeth Stephens Standard
How to Showcase Engineering Initiatives to an Executive Audience Annie Garcia Hodgkins Standard
How to Smoke a Pipeline Tyler Welton Standard
Lazy Genius DevOps: Innovating Effortless Solutions with Digital Charm Khushi Yadav Standard
Microservices and Multiple Sources of Truth: It’s Not Your Fault Vijay Ramamurthy Standard
Modern Application Debugging: An Intro to OpenTelemetry Josh Lee Standard
Navigating the Digital Evolution: A Technologist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Innovation Shannon C. Ryan Standard
The Future of DevOps is R&D and DevEx Jurnell Cockhren Standard
Troubleshooting Microservice Architectures Peter Zaitsev Standard
Chaos Engineering in Action: Practical Techniques for Building Fault-Tolerant Systems Hareesh Iyer Lightning
Drawing Insights: Software Development Lessons from XKCD Dan Cook Lightning
Escaping the Legacy Infrastructure Labyrinth Gwyneth Allwright Lightning
Lightning Talk: DevOps, 12-Factor, and Platform Engineering Justin Reock Lightning
Zero to Hero - NetDevOps! Akash Bhasakr Lightning

Event Information

Wednesday, Jul 10, 2024 - Thursday, Jul 11, 2024