The Lean LLM development playbook: Zero to Hero on Building and Launching GenAI products successfully

This comprehensive master class is designed to guide anyone (non-AI and noncoders) from the initial ideation phase of GenAI features through to the successful deployment of scalable applications in production. Here’s a detailed, pointwise breakdown of what the playbook covers:

  1. Introduction to GenAI and LLMs: Quick dive into what GenAI and LLMs are, emphasizing their relevance today.
  2. From Idea to Concept: Rapid ideation techniques for GenAI features.
  3. Choosing the Right Model: Key points on selecting LLMs for your project’s needs.
  4. Integrating your data: Selecting data and Overview of how vector databases support LLM applications.
  5. LLM Training Essentials: Brief on training and fine-tuning LLMs for custom needs.
  6. Simplifying LLMOps:Introduction to managing LLM applications with a focus on practical tools.
  7. Building Your Application:Key steps to integrate LLMs into your app’s front and back end.
  8. Deployment and Testing:Strategies for deploying and testing your application efficiently.
  9. Monitoring, Maintenance, and Scaling:Tips for keeping your application running smoothly and scaling up.
  10. Wrap-Up: Best practices and ongoing improvements



Aman Sharma

Aman has been a serial tech entrepreneur with 3 startup, most recently cofounding twimbit as the CTO. He has been a former ML researcher at TU Vienna Informatics, UX / AI lead at and founder ...