The Startup DevOps Playbook - Making It A Success From Day One

After working at 4 early-stage startups, Aman complies and shared the behind-the-scenes of tech startups from Disaster to Bliss DevOps. Also sharing some blunders that would make the audience chuckle. This session is about compiling my last decade of learning as building and scaling tech at various early-stage startups. Following would be the key things featured in the presentation along with real life examples and case studies -

  1. How devops at startup is different
  2. Different areas of Devops
  3. Translating the traditional Devops cycle into Startup style
  4. Tools and techniques under each stage
  5. Best practices



Aman Sharma

Aman has been a serial tech entrepreneur with 3 startup, most recently cofounding twimbit as the CTO. He has been a former ML researcher at TU Vienna Informatics, UX / AI lead at and founder ...