Zero Trust in Practice with Istio and Kyverno

As cyber threats continue to grow in number and complexity, it’s becoming increasingly important to adopt security measures that can keep up. One such approach is Zero Trust (NIST SP800-207*), a security model that assumes the network is already compromised and puts strict access controls in place to limit what any user or device can do. However, implementing Zero Trust can be challenging, especially in a complex environment like Kubernetes. To help streamline the process, you can turn to Istio and Kyverno. Istio is a feature-rich service mesh that provides the necessary tools to enforce Zero Trust policies within your Kubernetes clusters. With Istio, you can encrypt communication between services, control traffic flows, and apply policies to regulate who can access what resources. Kyverno, on the other hand, is a Kubernetes-native policy engine that simplifies the creation and management of policies. With Kyverno, you can define policies that enforce security best practices and automate their enforcement. You can also use Kyverno to audit your policies, ensuring they are implemented as intended. Istio and Kyverno provide a robust framework for implementing Zero Trust security in your Kubernetes clusters. By leveraging these tools, you can achieve a more secure environment and protect your organization from cyber threats.



Boris Kurktchiev

In the world of tools, it’s not ‘one size fits all.’ I’m the expert who always knows when to grab the hammer and when to reach for the screwdriver.