Keepin' It Legal: How to Automate License Checks in Your CI Pipeline

Calling all DevOps wizards, code gurus, and IT maestros! Have you ever found yourself drowning in a sea of code dependencies, constantly worried about adhering to open-source licenses? Fear not! I’ve got you covered.

Failing to comply with the terms of use for OSS licensing (like Apache 2 or MIT) can put you in violation, which often has legal consequences. However, maintaining a healthy and compliant codebase is easier said than done.

In this session, I will walk you through building a reusable workflow for automating license checks in your CI pipelines. Additionally, I will show you how to set up alerts on licensing issues so you can quickly resolve any non-compliant utilization. With just a bit of Python and GitHub Actions, you’re all set to ensure you’re not stepping on any legal landmines.



Eli Birger

Eli is a passionate technologist with a background in telecom (Comverse, Vonage), cyber (Imperva, Cyren), and storage (IBM). He has over six years of experience as a DevOps Manager, where he ...