Iterative Problem Solving Isn't Always A Walk in the Park

Agile methodologies for iteratively building products is one of the most important revolutions in our industry. The ability to quickly understand and respond to changing market factors leads to resilient and sustainable businesses. The same philosophy has long been the basis for many machine learning algorithms. By looking at one of the base algorithms that drives AI algorithms, we can better understand the process, and identify some of the pitfalls. Participants will explore:

  • The Gradient Descent algorithm and its connection to AI, including LLMs
  • It’s parallels with Agile software development
  • How this method can break, and what to do about it.



Jeremy Freeman

Jeremy is the Co-Founder & CTO of Allstacks. He is a software developer with a background in computer vision and a passion for creating and building things. Jeremy has more than 10 years of ...