GitOps The Network! Modern Networking Platforms with Kubernetes

Cloud Native is HARD. Cloud Native Networking is even HARDER. How can we achieve simplicity with many moving services, and with a landscape that grows exponentially? We actually can’t. Nothing is simple when it comes to scalable resilient apps. HOWEVER, Network Platform Engineering might be able to help. Let’s dive into how Networking is an important subset of the Platform Engineering cycle and navigate how to build a resilient network platform. We’ll dive into how systems like PXE, and BMP can kick-start the process of deploying a network stack that includes SDN, CNI, and Service Mesh, which are supportive of highly distributed apps. We’ll demonstrate a quick GitOps Network deployment with a control-plane, data-plane, and security policy for our apps!



Marino Wijay

Marino Wijay is a Canadian, Traveller, International Speaker, and Open Source Advocate for Service Mesh, Kubernetes, and Networking. He is a Solutions Engineer for Komodor, and Lead Organizer for ...