Navigating Serverless Java Applications in the Modern DevOps Landscape

In enterprise environments, maintaining the constant availability of applications for intended traffic is crucial. However, this often results in unnecessary costs and the consumption of precious resources by idle servers, even in the absence of traffic. Is it possible to eliminate the costs associated with idle resources without sacrificing availability?

Serverless on Kubernetes allows applications to run only as needed, but practicality depends on fast startup times. For Java applications, startup time can be a significant challenge. Open Liberty, a lightweight, open-source Java runtime, boasts the InstantOn feature. This feature significantly reduces startup time—up to 90%, making it an ideal solution for mitigating the startup time challenge in serverless applications.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the world of serverless and its challenges, and demonstration of Java serverless application on Kubernetes.



Monica Tamboli


Monica Tamboli brings over two decades of invaluable experience within the Java ecosystem. Currently at IBM, her recent focus involves modernizing applications for the cloud and Kubernetes.

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Daniel Guinan

Daniel is a member of the System Test team responsible for testing WebSphere Application Server at IBM. In his 3 years at IBM he has automated testing using GitOps, as well as containerized legacy ...