Generative AI: applications in the serverless world

Generative AI is triggering great search capabilities and is conquering already new milestones in observability. This talk will walk you through current opportunities in the technology of Generative AI, which are unraveling with the help of vector databases, machine learning abilities, and transformer flexibility. We will examine the use cases of OpenTelemetry as the leading tool of observability within the serverless framework. The AI assistants on one side and the better log analysis on the other are accelerating the problem resolution in many industries. By the end of this talk, the audience will check the following take-aways. They learn how enabling Generative AI type of observability in the serverless ecosystem enhances the search and data analysis capabilities. With the help of AI, automation is becoming more simplified, and easier to implement and use. Data ingestion and log analysis is perfected with AI assistants. Implementing a Generative AI type of technology will bring benefits in the long run for companies whose scope is dealing with data handling, retrieval, and processing.



Virginia Diana Todea

Diana is a Site Reliability Engineer at Elastic with over 13 years experience in the industry. She is passionate about giving talks on DevOps, serverless, machine learning and AI.