Efficient Artefact Deployment on Multiple Batch Servers Without Super User Privileges

In this dynamic and practical presentation, we unravel the complexities of artefact deployment on multiple batch servers, revolutionizing the process with the powerful combination of Jenkins automation and efficient Bash scripting. Acknowledging the prevalent challenge of relying on superuser privileges, we showcase how Jenkins, an industry-standard CI/CD tool, can be harnessed to automate artefact deployment seamlessly.

The presentation begins with an exploration of the limitations and security risks associated with traditional deployment methods, setting the stage for a transformative approach. We delve into the capabilities of Jenkins, demonstrating its role in orchestrating the deployment pipeline and eliminating the need for elevated access.

To further empower attendees, we delve into the realm of Bash scripting, illustrating how scripting languages can be employed to craft efficient deployment scripts without compromising security. Through practical examples, we showcase the synergy between Jenkins and Bash, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline deployment workflows across multiple batch servers.

Real-world case studies provide tangible insights into organizations that successfully implemented Jenkins and Bash for non-privileged artefact deployment, highlighting the practical benefits and lessons learned. The presentation also includes a hands-on demonstration, illustrating the integration of Jenkins and Bash scripts in a live deployment scenario.

Concluding with best practices, attendees will leave armed with the knowledge to implement a secure, efficient, and automated artefact deployment process using Jenkins and Bash. Join us on this transformative journey, where we demystify deployment challenges and empower you to elevate your deployment practices to new heights.



Constantin Kwiatkowski


Hello and welcome! I am a seasoned software engineer with over seven years of experience, fueled by an unwavering passion for crafting robust and efficient applications. My expertise extends into the