Securing the Software Supply Chain in the Age of AI

The rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in software development has revolutionized the industry, offering unprecedented efficiency and innovation. However, this progress comes with a growing attack surface, exposing software supply chains to new and sophisticated threats. This presentation will delve into the evolving landscape of software supply chain security in the age of AI, highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities faced by organizations. We will examine real-world examples of supply chain attacks, discuss the key security concerns arising from the use of AI-driven tools and third-party dependencies, and explore best practices for mitigating these risks. The talk will emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to security, encompassing secure development practices, continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, and the strategic use of AI for defense. Attendees will gain practical insights and actionable recommendations for safeguarding their software supply chains in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.



Alejandro Betancor

Founder & Managing Director at Gonkar IT Security