AI-driven CloudOps: Transforming Compliance and Configuration Management


In the realm of Cloud Operations (CloudOps), the explosion of cloud services APIs has catalyzed a paradigm shift towards automation. This talk delves into the technical nuances of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle the challenges of change management, chargeback, and compliance in cloud environments. Drawing from my background in machine learning and perception engineering, I’ll showcase a bespoke application that integrates AI to automate compliance checks, ensure configuration consistency, and optimize resource utilization. Through real-world examples and technical insights, we’ll explore how AI can enhance the agility, security, and efficiency of CloudOps processes. Join me to discover the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing CloudOps.



Salma Shaik


Seasoned software engineer with a strong background in backend development. Her journey in the tech industry has been marked by a deep dive into applied research and machine learning operations.