The 3 Unfunded Pillars of Digital Business


Here comes 2024. Budgets have been cut, positions have been eliminated, and IT organizations are expected to do much more with much less, again. IT departments toil away tirelessly to just keep the infrastructure online, their applications maintained and reliable, often to unrealistic levels (99999999) with very little time to spare for innovation on new products and even improvement of the existing ones.

Despite this (or perhaps because of this) it’s incredibly difficult for IT to convince the business to fund any investment in paying down the technical debt, or improving the platform and reliability.

In this ignite Sasha will frame this into the three pillars of Tech Excellence (reduction of tech debt), Platform Engineering, and Reliability (SRE) on which innovation can thrive. She will show how when you make strategic investments in these pillars so you can free your people from keeping the lights on to where innovation happens and value is created.



Sasha Rosenbaum


Sasha Rosenbaum, founder of a new venture Ergonautic. With a degree in Computer Science, an MBA, and two decades of experience across development, operations, product management, and technical sales.