Engineering Platforms Evolved

Platforms are everywhere. Multiple forces have converged in recent years to put internal technical platforms in the spotlight for digital businesses. Platform teams have become commonplace in engineering departments. Gartner again lists “Platform Engineering’’ as one of its top 10 technology trends for 2024. But the features, architectures, delivery methodologies and operating models for engineering platforms vary widely from business to business. This talk encapsulates key insights drawn from various teams who have delivered engineering platforms in diverse organisations and industries around the world. I’ll cover some commonalities in what makes them successful and discuss some real examples. Crucial elements include empathising with the developer experience, enlisting executive support, and establishing a sound operating model. Central to this discussion is the strategic importance of measuring and articulating the business value derived from these platforms. Value articulation is vital for justifying investments in platform engineering but veers dangerously close to the third rail of engineering metrics, developer productivity.

Looking forward, the presentation will highlight emerging standards and advanced orchestration tools. And of course, we’ll examine the role of AI, which we’ve found useful in ways that go far beyond Copilot. These advancements are pivotal in streamlining software delivery processes, enhancing security and compliance, and elevating overall developer productivity.

This talk is tailored for staff engineers, managers, and technology executives, offering them strategies to build and operate engineering platforms for measurable improvements in IT system health and value delivery. Attendees will gain insights into the evolving landscape of software delivery infrastructure, equipping them to continually improve the effectiveness of their engineering organisations.



Scott Shaw


Scott Shaw is an engineer and leader with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. As CTO for Thoughtworks APAC, he is responsible for setting the technology strategy and driving