devopsdays singapore - Speaker Information

Thank you for your contribution to DevOpsDays Singapore 2024! This document is our attempt to get as much useful information into one place as possible.

Event Details and Schedule

The event takes place on Thursday and Friday, March 21-22, 2024 at the Hotel Fort Canning
11 CANNING WALK, Singapore 178881 You will need to bring your Photo ID

The detailed schedule for the two days can be found at program

The venue stage will provide a projector (1080p, 16x9) that can be used during your presentation. The projector supports HDMI input. If your laptop does not support HDMI, we would recommend you please carry an adapter. The conference will have some adapters available, but it’s on the first-come-first-serve basis. So its best to carry your own stuff.

As an appreciation to our speakers this year, we are inviting all our DevOpsDays Singapore speakers to a dinner on 20th March at 19:00 at PICOTIN
3 FULLERTON RD, #03-01 WATERBOAT HOUSE, Singapore 049215 March 20, 2024 19:00 SGT (UTC+8) Roof Top Seat

We would like to confirm your availability and details regarding your dietary requirements. Please confirm your attendance by March 15th.


If you attend the Speaker Dinner Event, we will give you your badge and check you in there. This would allow you to skip the registration line at the event. Just make sure to wear your badge to gain admission to the conference!

If you do not attend the Speaker Dinner Event, you will need to check in at the registration desk. Make sure to let them know you are a speaker.


As DevOpsDays is a community event, we hope that all of our speakers make an effort to attend as much of the conference as possible. Attendees are looking forward to learning  from you outside of your talk!

In the afternoon of both days, we will have Open Space sessions, which are attendee-driven participant discussions. It’s great when our speakers are able to participate in these, and we VERY much appreciate it.

Social Media

We love it when our speakers are active on social media! The preferred hashtag for the event is #devopsdays, and the event’s handle is @devopsdayssg. You can also tag us on Linkedin


We will have a presentation computer to run your talk from, and we will provide a presentation remote for you to advance your slides. If you wish to run your talk from your own laptop, let us know no later than March 18, and you must check in with A/V at 7:30 AM the day of your talk. Our preference is to use our computer to prevent any hardware-specific issues. Ignites will be presented from a common laptop.

The presentation computer will have Keynote, Powerpoint, PDF, or a web browser as options for presentation software. If you need something other than this, please let us know at [email protected] and we will accommodate you! If you are using the conference laptop to present, please provide your slides (and any supporting fonts/files) to [email protected] no later than Monday, March 18.

You will have one confidence monitors in your line of sight. It will show any speaker notes if you have them. For ignites - you will NOT have speaker notes available, so if you need notes, you’ll need to put them on cards or printed on paper.

The displays will be large and widescreen. Build your deck for 16x9 (if you use 4x3, it won’t look as good).

There will be conference wifi but we strongly recommend not having any dependence on working internet for your presentation (as it’s unpredictable). Live demos are not well-suited to this environment (so be sure to pre-record any such content).

If you need anything not mentioned above (like audio from your laptop, presenting from multiple laptops, etc), do let us know ahead of time; we can likely accommodate whatever you need, but we’ll need to test any such setup ahead of time.

Please also remember to disable your screensaver and desktop notifications during your presentation. Make sure your laptop is unlocked PRIOR to hooking up to video display, so everyone doesn’t watch you type in your password.

Save Q&A for Open Spaces

We do not facilitate Q&A as part of the talks. We recommend that you encourage attendees to ask any follow-up questions either during the breaks, in Open Space sessions, or via your preferred social media channels.

Sharing Slides

We can upload the slides to speakerdec, and we would love to put links to them on the devopsdays website after the event! Please email the link to [email protected] when you have it, and we’ll update the website (you can do this after the event, of course!)

Ignite Speaker Details

If you are presenting an Ignite talk, there are a few extra details that matter to you.

Your deck must be exactly 20 slides (don’t worry about making them auto-advance; we will take care of that). Ignites will not be presented from your own laptop. We will assemble them and present from the conference laptop.

You will use a handheld microphone for your Ignites. The confidence monitor will display the current slide - you will not be able to see any speaker notes embedded in the presentation.

Please send your slides (in PDF format) to [email protected] no later than Friday, March 15, 2023. This will allow our Ignite coordinator time to assemble the slides and make sure everything works.

Looking for inspiration, take a look at our previous ignites Day 1 and Day 2 from 2018.

Note: Because Ignites are presented via PDF, animated GIFs will not be, well, animated. Be advised. If you have alternative requirements for your Ignite talk, please let us know ASAP

Tech check

(Does not apply to Ignite speakers)

If you are not using the provided presentation laptop, you will need to check in with our AV team prior to the start of the conference day (please be sure to schedule this with the AV team via [email protected] ). You will receive a calendar invite to block out the time that your talk is occurring.


Some of the frequently asked questions by the speakers. Please make sure you read this and let us know if you have any other questions.

Are the talks recorded ?

Talks will be recorded and made available on the conference website within a reasonable time after the event. We will email you when your talk is online!

Can I use a conference template?

Yes, you can use the following theme. You can use your own style and template.

Can I have the conference logo on my slides?

Absolutely. You can grab this logo

Can I get feedback for my presentation?

If you’re interested in practicing a portion of your presentation, we have a limited number of time slots available for you to present and receive feedback from one of the organizers of DevOpsDays Singapore.

Contact Information

For any other questions, email at [[email protected] ]