Evolving from Software Engineer to Lead of Leads of Leads

Explore the transformative journey from a software engineer to a lead role and beyond. This session delves into the significant changes and key focuses experienced after transitioning from a back-end engineer to a lead, then to a lead of lead, and ultimately to a lead of leads of leads. Gain insights into the challenges, costs, and fears associated with each stage of this evolution, along with practical advice on navigating career transitions. Learn about the shifting dynamics of management post-promotion and how to adapt to leadership responsibilities effectively. Whether you’re contemplating a similar career trajectory or seeking guidance within an organizational leadership role, this session offers valuable perspectives and strategies for professional growth and development in a live system with 1M+ concurrent users, and from another - a highly dense technological team with servant leadership of 150-250 Software/QA/SRE engineers.



Ilya Roslyakov

20+ years of experience in engineering, 14+ in engineering leadership, 7+ in strategic leadership: developing and operating large-scale platforms and infrastructure, building foundational technologies ...