Collapsing Clouds of Dust - The Skunk Works Approach to Cultivating a Software-driven Organization


In the era of Digital Transformation, IT departments face the delicate task of upholding their traditional purpose while shaping tomorrow’s value proposition. Navigating through uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity requires non-tech-native organizations to foster flexibility and speed by undergoing a fundamental shift in their culture and capabilities.

As most organizations do not share the privilege of launching on a green field, they grapple with complex big balls of mud and discouraging clouds of dust. The real challenge lies in transforming these legacy landscapes full of tech debt, unintentional easter eggs and intertwined interfaces. Thanks to tight coupling, it feels like playing Jenga. You touch one brick and are pretty lucky if you do not wreck the whole complex.

How do you find the ideal split between:

  • bulletproof architectures and trendy architectural patterns
  • proficient functional silos and refreshing cross-functionality
  • meticulous estimation and daring experimentation
  • saving money and beating the speed of light
  • dealing with tech debt on the verge of bankruptcy and driving innovation
  • upskilling and fishing for new tech talent

Unveiling the path towards making software engineering a cutting-edge capability of our organization we leak our amusing mistakes, unexpected insights, and pragmatic approaches.



Marlene Roth


Architecture Lead @ Lufthansa Technik

Marlene Roth is responsible for the Enterprise and Software Architecture and at Lufthansa Technik. She strives to make software engineering a cutting-edge


Tobias Mohr


Senior Director IT Aircraft Maintenance and Digital Fleet Solutions @ Lufthansa Technik

Tobias is responsible for IT and related services for Aircraft Maintenance and Digital Fleet Solutions at