Wholesome Talk - Language Patterns for Feedback and Learning


My personal blog’s motto is “don’t just talk agile, walk agile” because I have always been well aware of the trap of merely using agile jargon instead of applying an agile mindset and living agile values.

However, I recently came to understand that while the “walk” is important, the “talk” has its own challenges. The eye-opener was L. David Marquet’s second book “Leadership is Language: The Hidden Power of what you say - and what you don’t”.

That’s why I would like to speak about “wholesome talk” and address the following questions: What is wholesome talk in an agile work environment? What language patterns help to invite feedback and foster learning?



Peter Häfliger


Agile Software Developer and Product Owner @ Avaloq

Bogdan Doroslovac is Agile Consultant at Zühlke Engineering. He has a education background in mechanical engineering and prior to turning to Agile