Desmond Delissen

Title: Continuous testing in the world of APIs


With testing late in the software development process, you risk discovering problems at a very late stage. You want to be able to test earlier so that: issues can be fixed earlier, submitted code is checked with every push/merge/build for example. We will tell you our story about what mistakes we made and how we learned to reach towards a continuous testing process.

Some key mistakes and learnings we made are related to:
- Way of creating tests and test data
- Process of executing, maintaining tests and agreements surrounding it
- Applicability, evaluation of the tool stack we use(d)

We also learned continuously regarding our test implementation and acted upon these learnings. Therefore, we hope to share our story that others can relate/learn from the pain we suffered before we could enjoy our continuous testing process.


Desmond Delissen

Desmond Delissen

Desmond started his career at a big consultancy company. Via this company he got the change to join a mobile app project in the beginning of 2012. Desmond enjoined this so much that he decided to start working for IceMobile and become a expert in testing mobile apps and their backend systems.