First steps to create your IT Operations data lake with ELK Stack and Graphite

Title: First steps to create your IT Operations data lake with ELK Stack and Graphite

ELK (Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana) and Graphite/Grafana are the most popular tools for analyzing your logs and metrics. Almost every company has one of these tools running, with various use cases like big data, analytics or just monitoring.

In this hands-on workshop the student learns the fundamental skills needed to understand the concepts en start creating their Monitoring configuration.
Main topics that are covered are setting up your logstash configuration for log parsing, enabling metric gathering with Graphite (i.e. Collectd) and finally create some awesome dashboards.

The hands-on workshop is fully scenario based, including helpful lab exercises, sample code and a prepared Vagrant Box running on Linux.
To run the Vagrant Box in Virtual Box a minimum of 2 GB memory or better is preferred."

About the speaker

Arnold van Wijnbergen is an independent advisor, coach and consultant from Devoteam. He specializes in Monitoring and Automation topics to improve quality and efficiency of operational control of IT4IT business. To achieve this he combines Lean principles with DevOps culture, because he strongly believes in the power of culture and self-steering teams. His broad experience in Monitoring and Automation tooling implementations ranges from MKB till enterprise scale, formed mainly in the banking, insurance, governance, retail, telco and service provider branches.

At ING he is management consultant within the ING Automate monitoring stream, which is responsible for advising, training and coaching DevOps teams with improving their monitoring capabilities.