A Place for SDN in DevOps

Title: A Place for SDN in DevOps

This workshop will let you bring your own laptop (provided wifi works) and we will download an SDN SDK from the Github at Nuage Networks (https://github.com/nuagenetworks/) and with the SAN box SDN setup on the cloud we will code some primitives using python against the Network, then dump it all into JSON format for further consumption or version control.

Requirements for the workshop are virtualenv python setup, ability to pypi install the required components for the SDK, and access to the Internet with basic Python working Knowledge.

The Workshop will detail the Hardware Decoupled architectural drivers for Software Defined Networking along with Restful API components used and consumption of SDN for Continious Delivery."

By the end of the workshop you will have the understand to see how a Network is translated into Infrastructure as Code for use cases such as Containers or Private Cloud Deployments at Scale and faster Application Delivery

The DevOps Workshop is inspired by the Austin Texas OpenStack Summit presented by Betfair London and their Online DevOps and SDN Video posted here: http://www.openstack.org/videos/video/devops-at-betfair-using-openstack-and-sdn.

Leveraging Nuage SDN APIs, Red Hat OpenStack and Thoughtworks Go for Speedy Application Delivery.

About the speaker

Hello, i work for a Startup called Nuage Networks in EMEA and we are actively trying to change how Software interacts with the Network. Check us out, I've been working for a number of companies prior to Nuage in the Networking and Linux and Operating Space.