Creating high-performance teams with DevOps behavior

Title: Creating high-performance teams with DevOps behavior

High-performance teams are NOT the teams with the newest tools or the coolest pipelines. High-performance teams are teams showing ""the right behavior"" every single day.

But what is this "right behavior" in the DevOps context? And how can you help your team mates in achieving this?

And how do you effectively change (read: positively manipulate) the behavior of all the stakeholders in your domain, like your fellow team members, your customers, your manager, or that awful guy from compliancy & risk?

This highly interactive workshop will give you real practical instruments, tips & tricks (all based on scientific & practical evidence and experience) how to help truly create a high-performance environment in your organization.

About the speakers

Dave van Herpen is management coach (Enterprise Agility & DevOps) at Sogeti Netherlands. In his role as practitioner, coach, trainer and change agent, Dave has been supporting his customers to organize for end-to-end agility for the past 15 years.

Robert den Broeder is owner of Trigono BV and is a certified trainer / coach in Service Management and Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). Robert supports organizations with implementing and improving service management processes, with special attention for behavioral change.