Appreciative Inquiry, the most enjoyable way of change.

Title: Appreciative Inquiry, the most enjoyable way of change. Small steps for your people, giant leaps for your organization.

You bought the right tools, you built state of the art pipelines, you hired the right people and you trained their skills. Why do you keep thinking that your teams could perform better? Because that is true in most cases.

Why not improve performance and glee at the same time (sometimes more than 50 %)?

From our research we derived that every DevOps organization occasionally needs a spark to get its teams one or many steps further. This takes even more effort for experienced teams than for starters. The method we use for this is Appreciative Inquiry. It discovers the best practices that work within an organization, the reason they work and how these combined practices can be used to move forward, to move faster and create a strategic change. With Appreciative Inquiry the aim is to build – or even rebuild – organizations around what works, rather than trying to fix what doesn’t. This method creates a flow of positive energy in which change is inevitable.

In this workshop we introduce you to this technique and you will find out that it is the most enjoyable way of change.

About the speakers

Jan de Vries is a senior business IT consultant and a trusted advisor in the fields of requirements engineering, business information management, application management and DevOps. He is a BiSL, ASL, ITIL, ISM and FSM trainer and convenor of the Enterprise DevOps working group that unites members of the ASL BiSL Foundation and the Agile Consortium. He founded Blue Ocean Recon to do research that focuses on Blue Oceans and Lean Startups.

Karleen Wijsman is an all-round IT Specialist and has many years of experience in providing training and workshops in the field of personal development and organisational change. Her NLP Practitioner and NLP Master background give her a solid foundation to motivate, engage and energize people and organizations