Build your own Cloud in record time with Cosmic

Title: Build your own Cloud in record time with Cosmic

In this workshop you will learn how to build your own Cloud and play with it!

Cosmic Cloud is an IaaS platform geared towards Mission Critical workloads. We made it so easy that anyone can set it up and use it. Cosmic was forked off of on Apache CloudStack. The main reason was that we wanted to move much faster. In 2016 so far we did about 50 releases and deployed those to production. Our record is 5 times a day.

We'll walk trough building your Cloud, but also on how to use it. What management tool to use. How to automate deployments with tools like CloudMonkey and Terraform. How to test changes and make sure nothing breaks.

By the end of the workshop you are able to set it up yourself, you understand the concepts and have played with Cosmic quite a bit. And of course, you have asked any question you had :-)

Please bring your laptop! See ya there!

About the speaker

Remi Bergsma is an engineer with a pasion for automation. He works for Schuberg Philis, a Mission Critical outsourcing company in NL. Since about 2,5 years Remi works in the Mission Critical Cloud Team at Schuberg Philis. In this role he and his colleagues make sure their Mission Critical Cloud simply works. That is truly DevOps: from ordering, racking and automatically configuring hardware all the way to developing new features and fixing bugs in the Java and Python code.

Remi is an Apache CloudStack committer/PMC member and was Release Manager for CloudStack 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8. Nowadays Remi is one of the committers in the Cosmic Cloud project. He did several talks and workshops on conferences and enjoys teaching others new stuff.