Feature based continuous deployment

Title: Feature based continuous deployment

Be able to continuously deploy and test independently features that the dev team is building is a challenge.

For each pull request opened we should be able to see if it builds correctly, if all unit tests pass and if there is any issue with the integration test. Automated tests try to avoid regression but there are some things that are very hard to test in an automated fashion. At this point deploying and checking manually the feature on some live environment becomes crucial.

Things get even more interesting when several features development happen in parallel and all the PRs will be eventually merged into master.

Most of the work flow described for feature branches will apply for master but the deployment will be extended. Master will be provisioned on several environments with different characteristics which leads to manage various configurations.

In this workshop we will show how we implemented a continuous deployment pipeline for one of our customer on top of Jenkins with the help of Ansible.

In this workshop audience will learn:
* building pipeline in Jenkins as a set of downstream/upstream jobs
* reliably deploying each features independently with Ansible
* tracking deployed features
* how dev teams can support continuous deployment
* not to be afraid of rebuilding your infrastructure"

About the speaker

I'm an independent Italian software engineer working in the software industry for more than a decade. My expertise lies in backend and system integration, never the less I've a strong background (and passion) in automation and devops.

I'm a co-founder of the StarterSquad community where I take part in several teams. We earn our living working for several startups around the world.

I'm a collaborative problem solver with strong analytical skills and committed to a continuous improvement process."