Caskey Dickson

Cross Platform Tool Development in GO

Go is an excellent language for doing cross-platform development which is ideal for ops tools.  As an SRE deploying into a multi platform (Linux, Windows, OSX, *BSD, Solaris, etc.) environment I’ve found that the features built into Go enable me to write once and run anywhere.  This talk will cover the language features that enable you to deploy the same code to multiple platforms, a few gotchas, and a few examples.

SRE Lessons from a 17th century Samurai

In the 17th century one of the greatest samurai in history climbed a mountain and put down on paper his philosophy on strategy and combat. His insights into defeating one, ten, or even ten thousand resonate with the devops philosophy of ops at scale and consistent delivery of quality. I’ll present some selections from his teachings that show everything old is new again and even from a cave 300 years ago there is wisdom we can use.


Caskey Dickson

Caskey Dickson


Caskey L. Dickson is a Site Reliability Engineer at Microsoft where he is part of the leadership team reinventing operations at Azure. Before that he was at Google where he worked as an SRE/SWE writing and maintaining monitoring services that operate at “Google scale” as well as a few business intelligence pipelines and maybe a script or two. He has worked in online services since 1995 when he turned up his first web server and has been online ever since. Before working at Google, he was a senior developer at Symantec, wrote software for various Internet tartups such as CitySearch and CarsDirect, ran a consulting company, and even taught undergraduate and graduate computer science at Loyola Marymount University. He has a B.S. in Computer Science, a Masters in Systems Engineering, and an M.B.A from Loyola Marymount.