Darryl Bowler

From Theory to Practice – Developing DevOps Capability to Delivery Enterprise Level Products

Putting theory into practice is one of the most difficult aspects when engaging a fast pace project. How do you implement new CI & CD processes and replace incumbent processes without impacting the flow and productivity of development & QA team. Enterprise delivery demands scale, consistency and repeatability, all of which DevOps promise to delivery. In the talk you will learn the 5 key areas you need to focus on

The talk will be presented by Darryl Bowler who has firsthand experience of delivering enterprise grade products using DevOps capabilities, Continuous integration & delivery. In the talk the audience will learn the common pitfalls and the important keys areas that enable scale and flexibility without compromise of consistency and reuse. Topics will include

  • Why branching / merging strategy impacts delivery and release
  • Pitfalls and how to manage environments at scale
  • Configuration management across multi-tiered applications
  • Beyond pipeline views - Tailored & custom dashboards
  • Embedding quality in the process


Darryl Bowler

Darryl Bowler


Darryl is a manager within Accenture DevOps practice and his working roles include project management, product development, engagement management and architecture. In the last six years, Darryl’s primary focus has been delivering client value through agile methodologies and DevOps. Currently, he is responsible for establishing a DevOps capability within a digital transformation program for a major mobile communications provider.