Gareth Greenaway

Managing Multiple SaltStack Environments for Fun & Profit

One of the power features of SaltStack is the ability to segment Salt states into separate environments, minions can then be setup to only receive their states from specific environments. The most common use case for using multiple environments in Salt is to provide multiple versions of states, for example development and production environments. This can be extended to support other use cases, such as providing different environments for different projects or different clients. In this talk we’ll explore a real world solution that will allow us to sanely support & manage multiple Salt environments. We’ll look at various approaches that didn’t work and why, and then at the final approach which uses various features of Salt to solve the problem.

Leaving an Open Source Project

In the professional world when you decide to leave your job there is a whole process. Traditionally you’ll begin to transition tasks you worked on to another employee, your various accounts are terminated, you’ll go through an exit interview and then receive your final paycheck before being escorted from the building. But what happens when you decide to leave an open source project? Are you no longer a member of that community simply because you’re no longer actively contributing? Can you easily come back to the project? This talk will hopefully answer these and other questions.


Gareth Greenaway

Gareth Greenaway


Lead DevOps Engineer at Croscon & Core contributor to Salt Stack.