Anjuan Simmons

Title: Lending Privilege


Diversity and inclusion have become hot topics in technology, but you may not know how to you can make a difference. However, this talk will help you understand that, no matter your background, you have privilege and can lend it to marginalized groups in tech.


Anjuan Simmons

Anjuan Simmons


Anjuan Simmons is a technologist with a successful track record of delivering technology solutions from the user interface to the database. He is currently a software project manager and Certified Scrum Master at a leading construction software manufacturer, and he has previously worked as an executive for Accenture, Deloitte, and Infosys, all multi-billion dollar technology services companies with hundreds of clients around the world.

Anjuan is also an energetic and informative speaker who often presents at conferences, seminars, schools, and community events. He is a sought after thought leader on Agile software development, design, diversity, and leadership. Drawing from his work experience as well as his educational background, Anjuan delivers presentations that focus on facts and provide simple explanations of complex ideas.

Anjuan has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Texas A&M University (where he was the first person voted by his fellow MBA students to serve as Student Speaker during their graduation ceremony). He lives in Houston with his beautiful wife and three amazing kids. Anjuan’s hobbies include reading, writing, travel, and exercise. His has vowed to never again speak the name of his favorite member of One Direction aloud.