Corey Quinn

Title: This Conference Will Pay For Itself: Salary Negotiation for DevOps


"I'm sure if I work hard, my contribution will one day be recognized and I'll get a raise." -- Everyone At Some Point In Our Careers. The world is unfair; this talk won't do much to fix that-- but it will give insight from a hiring manager on how to maneuver within the world we currently inhabit.


Corey Quinn

Corey Quinn


Corey has a long and storied history as a consultant – long, in that every year he did it felt like three years, and storied, in that he’s got a few. Prior to his current role as Director of DevOps at FutureAdvisor, he spent most of the past few years at a Bay Area consulting firm, where he served as a systems architect, ad-hoc recruiter, advocate for driving transformational change throughout organizations, and (due to a misunderstanding around what a “standup meeting” really was) an improvisational comic. One of the early developers behind Saltstack, Corey also has a rich history of contributing to various open source projects.

Corey’s hobbies include motorcycles, building custom keyboards, and drinking whiskey– it’s a shame that they all don’t work well together. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and two rodents of unusual size masquerading as dogs.