Elliot Murphy

Title: Redefining collaboration norms as your company grows


DevOps is all about collaboration, but what does that mean at a growing company? Abstractions tend to wall us off from each other, but they also provide the opportunity to experiment (e.g., don't need to wait for ops to spin you a server up to try something out). As companies grow, communication overhead increases. As your organization grows, different techniques are needed to prevent everyone from getting bogged down.


Eliot Murphy

Eliot Murphy


Elliot is the CEO of Kindly Ops, a DevOps and security firm focused on reducing the cost of healthcare innovation. Over the last year he has assisted organizations with operation, scaling, and 3rd party risk assessment of mission critical systems that conduct medical research, perform real time malware defense, process prescription refills, deliver therapy, and store psychiatric records.

He has real-world deployment experience with Kubernetes, Mesos, ECS and Amazon, Google and Azure clouds.