Jeremy Edberg

Title: How is the role of DevOps changing in a Serverless environment?


Serverless is the next step after containers. DevOps will not go away, but it will certainly change. Getting ahead of the curve is important for a DevOps practitioner so that they can make sure the transition goes smoothly when their organization changes.

I’ll cover where my company ran into trouble when going serverless and how we solved all the new problems that come with managing a bunch of small functions instead of larger programs. I’ll also cover specifics of how our company manages an almost completely serverless environment, including the open source tools that we use and publish.


Jeremy Edberg

Jeremy Edberg


Jeremy is an angel investor and advisor for various incubators and startups, and is the cofounder of MinOps. Jeremy was the founding Reliability Engineer for Netflix, and before that he ran ops for reddit. Jeremy also tech-edited the highly acclaimed AWS for Dummies. His expertise is in serverless computing, distributed computing, availability, rapid scaling, and cloud computing. He holds a Cognitive Science degree from UC Berkeley.