Rebecca Miller-Webster

Title: Building resilience in our organizations, our teams, and ourselves


We talk about redundancy and security when it comes to our infrastructure and applications, but we rarely think about creating those same things in our teams and ourselves.

From the start-up financial roller coaster to a teammate's marriage (or divorce) to our own personal issues, success, scaling, and our future depend on complex and often chaotic factors.

In order to succeed, we need to create resilience, not just in our technology, but also in our organizations, our teams, and ourselves.


Rebecca Miller-Webster

Rebecca Miller-Webster


Rebecca Miller-Webster is a software engineer, conference organizer, and educator. She is the founder of Write/Speak/Code and CTO at Polymathic. Rebecca has been developing software professionally for over a decade, previously organized GORUCO, and was the founding teacher at Dev Bootcamp NYC. Rebecca’s hobbies include drinking Diet Coke, wearing trousers, telling computers what to do, dogs, & swearing.