devopsdays Dallas - proposals

Conference Talks

Please submit you papers via paper call. All papers need to be submitted there to be considered, if you have problems please let us know.

Our main criteria to make it to the top selection are:

  • original content: content not yet presented at other conferences, or a new angle to an existing problem
  • new presenters: people who are new to the space and have insightful stuff to say; we want to hear everybody’s voice
  • no vendor pitches: as much as we value vendors and sponsors, we just don’t think this is the right forum. You can demo at your table or during Open Space.

For DevOpsDays Dallas 2016, we are actively soliciting programming that addresses these topics:

* Software development practices for the DevOps world
* Velocity, sustainability, and technical debt
* Quantifying productivity, failure, and risk metrics
* Professional development, teaching, training, and mentorships
* Emotional labor and empathy
* Teaching junior engineers how to be senior engineers
* Mental health, stress, and burnout
* Learning lessons from other fields (manufacturing, military, etc.)

We will also accept submissions on perennially popular topics as discussed at other DevOpsDays:

* Continuous Deployment
* Automation
* Containerization
* Performance Monitoring
* Configuration Management
* DevOps in the Enterprise
* Microservices
* Managed Services
* Development methodology
* Scaling out DevOps
* Hiring for DevOps

However, please consider that novelty is heavily encouraged as per our guidelines above. These topics are popular, but every year we will be receiving more submissions about them than we can accept.