Women in Technology

Speaker: Tanya Atanasova, RightBrain Networks

It’s 2016, and the tech field finally realizes why women in technology are so important. However, with many examples of powerful women in technology - i.e. Slack, Google Maps - why do women still shy away from engineering careers? Tanya Atanasova, RightBrain Networks’ Software Developer, reviews the professional and educational factors behind this question.

There are many examples of very powerful women in technology. In fact, we can’t go without women in technology. Interesting fact: The VP of Product of Slack is a woman. Her name is April Underwood. The VP of Google Maps is also a woman. Her name is Jen Fitzpatrick.

Women account for approximately 70% of shoppers in the world. If you are developing a product or a service, most likely a woman will be purchasing it. Thus, it’s important that the product is evaluated by a woman.

In this presentation, I will focus on what ways women can make important contributions to technology, and point out factors as to what discourages women from joining the field - which includes taking a look at girls’ education and why there’s a stronger push towards art majors rather than science.

Speaker bio

Tanya Atanasova is a software engineer at RightBrain Networks and a Graduate from Boston University in major Computer Science. Tanya worked as a Software Engineer for a publishing company in Rhode Island before joining RightBrain Networks Engineering Team. Currently Tanya holds AWS Certified Associate Developer Certification.