Casey West

Minimum Viable Platform: The 6 Characteristics of Operationally Mature Production Environments

Operational maturity for a distributed-systems production environment requires a clear understanding of the 6 high-level characteristics common to operationally mature production environments:

  • Routing and load balancing

  • Backing services broker

  • Infrastructure orchestration

  • Health management, monitoring and recovery

  • Immutable artefact repository

  • Log aggregation

In this interactive talk, we will explore the critical capabilities necessary to create a mature production platform with these charac teristics. We will present these capabilities in the form of a useful rubric for you to create your own Minimum Viable Platform effect ively.

What’s more, you will gain insights on what life is like in the day-of-the-life of teams who have the operational maturity of a Minimu m Viable Platform.

Minimum viable platform by Casey West from DevOpsDays London 2016 on Vimeo.


Casey West

Casey West


Casey West is a Principal Technologist focused on Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry Platform and lives in Pittsburgh raising three sarcastic children.

Working with Internet infrastructure, web app security, and design taught Casey to be a paranoid, UX-oriented, problem solving Internet plumber; his earliest contributions to Perl live to this day on your Mac. Casey’s speaking and writing ranges from open source communities and culture to technical architecture and automation tips and tricks.